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Whether you own a yacht, would like to charter a yacht for a holiday or simply want to learn a new skill the RYA Dayskipper is the course for you! The RYA Dayskipper course entails theortical and practical training. The 5 days of theory is a comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers and is essential preparation for the RYA Dayskipper practical course


The 5 day practical course requires you to plan a trip; this entails familiarising yourself with the yacht, organising your crew, forecasting weather, navigation and pilotage plans for the best course to steer. You will also try out some night sailing which is very popular and is considered essential sailing experience. You will stay aboard the yacht so that you really live and understand the complete yachting experience.

Why RYA Dayskipper: Once you have your RYA Dayskipper you can charter a yacht and enjoy sailing! Chartering a yacht is the perfect opportunity to get away from the crowded beaches, discover isolated coves only accessible by the sea and build on your skippering experience. Barcelona Watersports charterout their yachts from Port Vell.

What Next: After your Dayskipper course and further skippering practice, Barcelona Watersports also runs the advanced RYA Coastal Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster courses. These courses are essential for those that want to carve out a career in sailing or those that have gained skippering experience after their Dayskipper course and are wanting to broaden their horizons by venturing on longer trips by day or night.

Possible Itinerary:

09:00 Showers at marina facilities, breakfast, clean up and get the weather forecast Recap safety procedures on deck. Introduction to deck gear, ropes and rigging and various parts of the yacht. Engine start controls and rigging/slipping of mooring lines and fenders. Leave the berth and motor out of the port giving everyone a chance to steer the yacht under power. Practice coming alongside and leaving various pontoons with everyone rotating jobs and having the chance to practice in a variety of wind and tide situations. Short sail to an anchorage or mooring buoy giving everyone the chance to get used to the yacht under sail practicing the basic sailing manoeuvres of tacking, gybing and putting in and shaking out of reefs. This will give everyone the chance to refresh the basics.
13:00 Lunch at a mooring buoy or anchorage. Discuss the use of liferafts and how to handle emergencies such as flooding, fire and collision. The instructor will demonstrate how to plan a short passage taking into account wind, tide and pilotage information from the charts and almanacs. The Instructor will skipper the passage and demonstrate MOB procedures on route with each student getting the chance to have a go. On route each student will have the chance to fix their position by visual means such as taking bearings.
18:30 Enter a new harbour normally North of Barcelona on route to the Costa Brava. Stow sails and tidy up on and below deck.
19:00 Debrief on day’s events whilst dinner is cooking in oven.
20:00 Supper followed by a trip ashore and enjoy some Tapas at a local restaurant

09:00 Showers at marina facilities, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast.
10:00 The first “Skipper of the day” will plan a trip to an anchorage for lunch. On route each crew member will practice MOB. The instructor will explain the procedure for deciding a good anchorage and working out the required heights of tide. Prepare to enter anchorage. Learn how to prepare the anchor and foredeck in anticipation of arrival.
14:00 Lunch at anchor 2nd “Skipper of the day” plans a short trip to an evening destination that involves a cross tide course. Set sail for evening destination revising the basic collision regulations on route.
17:30 Arrive at a new harbour normally at Blanes, the start of the suggest and beautiful Costa Brava. Debrief the day’s events including the second passage.

09:00 Showers at marina facilities, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast.
10:30 Carry out some more manoeuvring under power using pontoons and mooring buoys. The instructor will teach how to sail onto a mooring buoy in a wind against tide situation followed by each student having the opportunity to have a go.
12:00 Lunch at nearby mooring buoy.
13:00 1st “Skipper of the day” plans a passage to the evening destination. On route, the instructor will demonstrate the use of electronic navigational aids such as GPS and Chartplotters. Each student practices MOB on route.
17:00 Arrive at new harbour or conditions suit anchor off Tossa De Mar and row ashore at this delightful Medieval village and imposing castle.
18:30 Debrief on the day’s events.
19:30 Supper followed by a trip ashore.

08:00 Showers ashore, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast.
10:00 Start heading back south, with a night sail into Barcelona. Plenty of sail trim, compass course steering and rotation on helm, navigation, keeping a log and general boat handling.

13:30 Lunch at anchor or on the go
14:00 The instructor will demonstrate how to sail onto a mooring buoy in a wind with tide situation followed by each student having the chance to practice.
19:00 – 2200 Arrive in Barcelona at night to experience all the different lights to navigate home

Wash onboard, breakfast, clean up and get weather forecast.
10:00 Day sail off Barcelona for last sections to cover on the course
13:00 Lunch out on the water
15:00 Arrive back at Barcelona. Clean up yacht, return wet weather gear followed by debrief and issue of certificates.
16:00 Depart Barcelona.

Please note: All course itineraries are examples and do not form any part of the contract


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