What is it About Sailing?

That Gets You Hooked

t was during the MYBA show, recently held at our home in Port Vell, Barcelona, where superyachts meet the rich and famous, that we shared the discovery of what an adventure sail really is!

Faith, ironically a name every sailor shares with the sea, took command of ‘No Limits’ our beautiful Beneteau sailing yacht. As she made her way out of the port,  she passed the imposing grandeur of super yachts. Some as large and spacious as palaces. For those of us on board, this was a time to witness the knowledge and skills required of every good skipper.

The weather was bright with sunshine and cloud, warm but growing a little cooler when out in the deep waters.  Distinctly, the wind was set to ‘perfect’. Perfect in the sense that this was not only the time to relax and enjoy the Barcelona skyline but also a time for us to learn. We were to be surprised by the fun and constant activity that, at times, can be on board a sailing yacht.

Just five minutes in and already we were sharing an unintended learning experience. Faith, who confidently and professionally took control, unwittingly ‘taught’ the guests the laws of the sea. We heard about the hive of daily activity that takes place in these familiar waters. Also, of course, how practical skills come to play the part of an optimum sailing experience.

Something, that perhaps not all sailing guests expect, is the introduction to on-board safety. You know from the start that Barcelona Watersports insist on its crews being absolute professionals. Once on-board and following the safety drill (which, by the way, is nothing ‘heavy’) we were advised of facilities down below and invited to drinks and snacks.

On this particular April day, even with winds quite strong, there was no doubt that all the guests were thoroughly relaxed. Totally confident in the yacht and her skipper we were enjoying the invigorating experience. Out at sea, ‘No Limits’ could quite easily have been mistaken for being at a standstill. However, in fact, Faith had skilfully managed the sails and ‘No Limits’ was actually sailing at a smooth nine knots.

We were so tranquil and gloriously relaxed by now as we had all engaged in interesting conversation telling jokes and sharing stories. As the wind picked up again, ‘No Limits’ turned back towards the familiar skyline heading back to port. We were, once again, captivated by Faith’s energetic tales of everyday life on the water. We heard how large passenger-carrying vessels made their daily trips in and out of this amazing city and how the huge commercial tankers and cargo ships went about their business.

By the time ‘No Limits’ came alongside, the dominant and almighty yachts were forming a majestic shadow against the slow sunset.  Then it could only have been the valuable training and skilful expertise that so impressively reversed ‘No Limits’ into her key position at one of the most stylish ports in Europe.

So, what started out as a brief sunset cruise, ended some two and a half hours later having enjoyed somewhat of an adventure. We learned by observation the ways in which other vessels use the sea. We even learned some of the history of this stretch of the Mediterranean. It was so much more than just a sail!

Finally back on dry land, the realization that no two sailings are ever the same, it’s all too easy to get hooked!

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May 24, 2017


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